Buettemeyers Lay Sod Part 1

We decided to tackle the job of laying sod this weekend. Little did we know that yesterday was going to be the hottest day of the year so far. We have had drainage issues which killed our grass in places. The past few weeks we have worked on digging new drains, so the next step was to lay sod in the bare places. Hudson was with G-pa most of the time we worked and Rhett napped and then played on the patio in his pack and play while we worked, he was SO good!

We got up and went to Springdale to pick up the sod in the morning. We didn't start working until around noon and I'm pretty sure it was at least 95 degrees yesterday. We worked until 4:30 and boy were we tuckered out. I have never been so dirty in my whole life. It took us almost two hours to bring all of the sod to the back yard from Bryan's truck. I wore my heart rate monitor just for fun and burned 1300 calories! Definitely counted this as my work out yesterday!

Going to get the Sod... little did we know how much work this was going to entail
Pre-sod laying. Eating some lunch and reading up on what to do
Before, by the patio

Before, by the gate
Big load of sod
Out of control dirt
We finished about half of the yard yesterday and still have two pretty big patches to do today. Bryan and Hudson are still asleep, probably knocked out from yesterday. Despite wearing sunscreen, Bryan and I both got sun burnt yesterday too, boo. I am tired but ready to get the rest knocked out today!

Happy Sunday! Stay turned for part two and the after pics!


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