Fourth of July- Weekend in Review

We left Friday morning to drive six hours to my grandma's house in North Missouri. We got there mid afternoon just in time to eat dinner and watch fireworks with the family. Saturday we had a big family reunion with all of my dad's side of the family out at my dad's cousins house in the country. I took NO pictures but we had a lot of fun and had a huge fireworks show.

Sleepy boys in the car
Grammy and Hudson watching Fireworks
Me and my cousin, Abi
Saturday Rhett and I went running in the rain
Abi and I
On Sunday afternoon all of the adults left (including Bryan) and my grandma and I were left in charge of all 8 kids. We are staying until Wednesday and just doing lots of "fun" things. Thankfully I have two older cousins (16 and 14) but also lots of little boys. Pray for my sanity. The kids are crazy over Rhett so he is getting LOTS of attention. Our plans today are playing outside then playing a family game of monopoly.
Sam and Rhett
Max, Becca, Hudson, Ben, Sam, Grandma and Rhett
Ben and Rhett
I've managed to work out every day and not go crazy with my eating. We have been having lots of fun! I may not update again until we get home because quiet times have been few and far between!

Hope you had a Happy, Happy Fourth of July!


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