Oh Monday...

This is going to be a very random post with some serious stuff at the end.

I felt like today was really my first day to clean and just have an "at home day" since we had been gone. I have been cleaning and such (laundry, bathrooms, dusting) since I got up at 7 and didn't sit down until 2 for the first time all day.

The boys and I went for a walk this morning and then I mowed the front yard. I fit in a smidge of PiYo before Rhett woke up and then Hudson entertained him while I finished it. I managed to burn 1200 calories.

We had a GREAT mail day today. I love getting mail. I got a $20 grab bag from Nicki's Diapers last week and it came in today. I got a wet bag in a super cute dino print, a yellow pocket diaper, baby legs (I love with onesies!) and two samples. I also got some YL Essential Oils samples, and two new running tanks and a pair of pants from Old Navy!

I haven't been using cloth diapers for almost two weeks now from being gone and then combating the yeast infection. It has been a week now with no symptoms returning so I bleached all of my diapers and washed in HOT water. Rhett's back in them with a happy baby booty again!
I meal and workout planned yesterday for the whole week. I have stayed on track today except I had a handful of m'n'm's instead of my apple as a snack this afternoon!
I was going to do a Sod Laying Part Two post but I want to wait until our sod has had a chance to take life. We worked hard and finished laying it yesterday so now we are doing lots and lots of watering.

And finally, I am glad to be home and have some down time. Rhett and Hudson have both been sleeping until almost 8 in the mornings since we have gotten home. Rhett always sits with his blanket and snuggles with me when he first gets up, it's one of my favorite times of day.

On another, more serious note, I don't do this often but there are two families and circumstances that are in desperate need of prayer.

I found out from a former coworker this morning that another former coworker took her own life (I'm guessing over the weekend). My heart was instantly broken for her family. It is just a reminder of the broken world that we live in. It makes me want to go around and tell everyone how much they are loved and to point them to Jesus. I don't know any of the circumstances but this person was someone I liked and who was good at her job. We had had several conversations about our kids and she was doing such a good job as a single mother. I just can't help but be so sad and heartbroken and wonder if there was something I could have done. I held my kids a little closer this morning and thanked God for the circumstances in which I have had thus far in my life. For her privacy I don't want to share a name, but if you would lift this family, especially her young kids, up in prayer, I would appreciate it.

And on a just as hard note, two very precious friends of mine are in desperate need of prayer. Their dad was admitted to hospice over the weekend in his final stages of cancer. He is around the same age as my dad and he and my dad worked together back in the day. After going through losing a loved one at a young age, Bryan and I have been so heart broken for them. We know that feeling and we know what the days and months ahead hold. I just hate it for these young ladies. He is a Christian and will soon be joining Janet in the Lord's throne room, I am so thankful for that but it is still so hard. So if you have a chance to pray for my friends Courtney and Carlie and their family, I know they need prayers for grace in the coming days.

My heart is hurting right now for these families. It is such a reminder of the brevity of life and the fact that you never know what someone else is going through.

Oh Monday...


  1. I have the Run Rest Repeat tank and LOVE it! When I want to walk, it keeps me going seeing as how it doesn't say Run Walk a Little Repeat :)


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