So I cut my hair...

I cut my hair yesterday.

I put very little thought into it and didn't even entertain the idea until I was driving to my appointment.

Two Three things made this an easy decision for me.
1. My hair grows insanely fast.
2. It is summer and it is HOT. I have been wearing it up 90% of the time.
3. I trust my hairdresser, immensely.

I had enough to donate to Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths", so I thought, eh, why not? It's hair, it will grow back. And I knew if I was going to cut it that I wanted to cut enough to donate to make a wig for cancer patients in Janet's honor.

I also felt like I needed a little bit of a new beginning and that I was hiding behind my hair. I told Nikki all of this and she agreed and we chopped it all off. (I didn't even warn Bryan before I did it).

I am BEYOND thrilled with the results. She cut 8 inches off all over and she said probably up to 12 in some places!

8 inches donated!
Me and Nikki post hair cut! Love her!
 Love it so much! Thanks Nikki!

And I styled it today all on my own and I love how it looks straight too!

Several people have told me how much I look like my mom with my hair like this, and I couldn't be more flattered to look like someone! She is so beautiful!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love it. It looks great!!! I keep debating about cutting mine too. It's just too hot for long hair right now.

  2. I think it looks great! It also must be cooler for summer weather.

  3. Love looks darling! -- Joanna

  4. Jenna: your new haircut looks FABULOUS!!

  5. Cute, I like the short hair cut.


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