Thursday Musings...

Well it's Thursday, but it feels like Friday.

I thought I would share what we've been up to this week.

Lots of splash parking and swimming.

Lots of getting ready to travel.

The boys are I are spending next week with my Grandma and cousins in north Missouri so I've been working on getting all of our stuff together and getting stuff settled for Bryan for while we are gone. He is going with us for the weekend and then has to come back to work on Monday. Be thinking about me as I am making that 6 hour trip back by myself with my boys! Ah!

I digress...

We went swimming at Jordan's the other night. We were so proud of Hudson because he had been very timid about the water but he did AMAZING with daddy's help. He was jumping in like a mad man before we left and we had to drag him out!

My best friend, Jackie, is a Police Officer in a neighboring town. I took Hudson over to see her new Police Tahoe the other day and he thought it was SO cool.
 We went to the splash park again. It is great for summer mornings.

This boy will be FOUR in two short months... and I'll be 28. Creeping up on 30, scary.
We are hitting up the pool with our friends again today and I am hoping my boys will nap well so I can get to packing! I'll be taking my computer with us on our trip and I plan to blog as usual, but don't be surprised if I am missing for a few days! Y'all have a great 4th!

My 5th WWF post is coming up tomorrow!


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