Transformation Tuesday

My friend Katie may be one of the most random and "God-intervention" friends that I have. We met randomly at our husbands' work party two Christmases ago. She's a newborn photographer and did Rhett's newborns for us and we just clicked and have become good friends in the last year. I am so lucky that she lives one street over from us so it's not rare that we just pop over to each other's houses at night once the kids are in bed. Katie and I went to a movie on my first night of Weight Watchers and I remember her saying that she was there to support me, She knew if she got popcorn I would want popcorn and she wanted to help me succeed, so no one had popcorn that night. She is THAT kind of friend.

The picture below (a screen shot from Katie's IG because I felt like I looked TOO fat to share) is from that night. Nine weeks ago. I don't look like that girl anymore.

I am down over 15 lbs since that night and a ton of inches. This is SO encouraging to me.
I had a very rough day with my kids yesterday and (once again God intervened) and I ran into Katie at Wal-Mart. She had me come over for a bit last night and shared her heart with me from the days of when her kids were my kids' ages and encouraged me so much. She is just a precious, precious friend to me.

I am so excited that I signed Katie as my 5th coach last night. I am thrilled to have Katie on my coaches team. I love that not only am I inspiring people, but I get to work with my dearest friends as well!
 If you're interested in join my coaches team, I would love to talk to you more about it!

One of my coaches was discouraged this morning because she hasn't lost any lbs with PiYo in her first week but she had lost inches! I reminded her again that PiYo is about building your core (which means lean muscle mass) and my first week of PiYo was my only week at Weight Watchers where I maintained and didn't lose! I sit now four weeks into PiYo down 6.5 lbs and 12 inches as of this morning. And four of those pounds are from the last 10 days when I started drinking Shakeology every day. Y'all. Piyo (and Shakeology) works.

So while I still have a long journey ahead, I am so thrilled about the team of amazing people I am building to help me run this race and continue in my weight loss. My transformation Tuesday is more than weight loss and inches lost today but about support and encouragement too.

Happiest of Tuesdays!


  1. So cool you are already seeing so many changes! Don't quit!!!


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