Twenty-nine years ago this boy came into the world.

Look like anyone you know?
Janet wrote a post on her blog about him for his birthday two years ago that you can read here. We are all going to be missing her today, but no one more than Bryan. I know the words she wrote two years ago would be just as true today.
Bryan, Janet and Jordan, Nov. 2013
Two years ago today I gave Bryan the best birthday present to date. I surprised him with a big box full of balloons and a note that I had written telling him that I was pregnant (with Rhett). I had just found out the day before and didn't get to surprise him with Hudson so I wanted to do it right that time.
Summer Camp 2001
There is so much I could say about Bryan. He is my best friend (and has been since we were 14 and 15). He is my confidant. He knows every insecurity and every dream of mine. He is the love of my whole life. He is the best daddy to Hudson and Rhett and I love how much he adores his boys. He works so hard every day so that I can stay home with Hudson and Rhett and I don't ever want to take that for granted. He has the wittiest personality and makes me laugh all the time. He never ceases to amaze me with the crazy things he can come up with.

And these boys love their daddy SO much and are so thankful for such a great daddy!
Happy Birthday Bryan. I am so glad that God blessed the world with you 29 years ago today. I love you more than words can say.

We've come a long way since being those kids in 2001


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