Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 5

Well this has been an interesting week.

I haven't watched what I've been eating as well, and while I have still been working out like crazy the results showed on my weight in last night. I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any either.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I was very upset with myself and I am leaving on vacation and the next week will be a struggle as well as another (hopefully) neutral weigh in next week.

Tonight at the meeting, our leader said "You can't expect it to fall off overnight. It didn't go on over night and it won't come off over night." That is SO true. While I am a bit frustrated I am still so proud of my progress and how good I feel. My goal for being gone next week is to stay at my current weight and then I will hit the dieting hard again when we get home. I am taking my jogging stroller and my PiYo DVDs and plan to work out every day we are there.

I am really trying not to beat myself up and just do better about what I eat. I also started PiYo last week and wondered if part of my lack of weight loss is muscle gain... who knows.

This girl is so much more happy and confident than she was 5 weeks ago, and has some really awesome hair.
So this is my week of telling you that no I am NOT perfect and my diet isn't perfect BUT I am still making progress and I am still so motivated to lose! I've gone 6 weeks with no diet coke now and that ALONE is huge progress... and I have consistently worked out every day for the past five week (minus two or three days).

When I logged my weigh in last week on WW online, I got reprimanded for losing weight too fast... so I just made up for it this week. :)

So (again)... 10 lbs down, 54 to go!

Oh and Happy 4th of July!


  1. Don't beat yourself up too much. Just the fact that you are working out so much is something to be very proud of. Happy July 4th!!!! -- Joanna

  2. Have you thought of trying Trim Healthy Mama? Two Christian ladies wrote it after 5 years of research. I have been doing it since January and have lost 51 lbs! No deprivation !! Love it!! Search on google or Facebook.

  3. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe you have 54 more pounds to lose. You certainly do not look like you have that kind of weight to lose. You are just too cute and sassy! Best of luck in your endeavor.


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