Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 7

Week Seven has arrived!

I know I have been shoving PiYo down your throat (if you've missed those posts you can click here or here) but I wanted to show you my before pics and halfway pics that I took yesterday.
I have lost 8 inches in just over two weeks! I am thrilled with my results. I told you that PiYo was helping me tone down and boy was I right... it also helps that I have spent some time in the sun and I'm not a pasty ghost anymore! Ha!

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately... I am gaining muscle mass and only lost 0.4 lbs this week. I ate birthday cake and Mexican food which also probably didn't help but I have been averaging two work outs a day. I'm getting some cardio in by running with the boys and doing one or two PiYo workouts a day.

No soda this week and trying to keep increasing my water in take!

Down 13 lbs total! 51 to go!

Hope you have a fab weekend and please let me know if you want to jump on the PiYo bandwagon with me! :) I've got several friends who've ordered and I am excited to start our support group! I'm also looking for two very motivated people who want to earn a little extra money AND get amazing discounts to join my team as coaches. If you think you have what it takes, or want to know a little more about it, get in touch with me! Right now, the coaches fee is waived when you buy a challenge pack so you can try out coaching (and the deep discounts) RISK free! :)

Happy Friday!


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