3 Day Refresh Results and Focus T25

So I started the 3 Day Refresh on Monday morning. I'm not sure what I was really expecting but what I can tell you is that I kind of had a free for all over the weekend and needed to get back on track before my weigh in this week. Bryan and I went on a date night and then we had a birthday party Saturday and a BBQ with friends. I didn't necessarily eat "bad" (well I kind of did), I just ate more than usual. So that had me up a little when I weighed before starting the Refresh on Monday.

So what IS the 3 Day Refresh? It's a three day kick start into healthy eating. It's supposed to reset the way you eat and think about food, reset your digestion and give you a little boost in weight loss without feeling super hungry. It comes with everything you need for the three days minus the fruit and veggies. I liked that you could actually eat some "real" food with it too.
 Each morning started with my usual Shakeology with Bananas.
Then around 9 I had a cup of Green tea. At 10 I had to drink a Fiber Sweep (which really wasn't that bad but you do have to drink it straight away).

At 12 I had a Vanilla Fresh (JUST like Vanilla Shakeology) with a fruit and a healthy fat. So each day I just made mine with some ice, berries and almond butter. Super Yummy.

Around 2 I would snack on carrots and hummus, my first "chewing" of the day.
Around 4 I would drink another Vanilla Fresh with some nutmeg and cinnamon.

Then the hardest meal for me was at night. I got to chose one thing off of the "dinner" menu. It was all various veggie meals. The first night we had been out shopping and rearranging the house. I didn't take the time to "pre-prepare" and ate half a piece of pizza out of desperation. Womp-Womp. But I am human and it happens. I wanted to be honest!

Then Tuesday night and Wednesday night, I chose the Spinach Salad.
Tuesday night I woke up really hungry at 2 am so I got up and ate half a banana and little almond butter. Last night, since I wanted to sleep all night I ate the same before I went to bed.

You're also not supposed to work out super hard. I did PiYo all three days and walked on Tuesday, which might have attributed to my added hunger.
So my results? I lost 3.2 lbs and (according to my at home scale) hit the 20 lb lost mark. I have my official weight watchers weigh in tonight and that's my "official" number but I did lose 3.2 lbs from Monday morning to this morning (after gaining a little over the weekend). My thoughts... this would be great for someone wanting to jump start weight loss or lose a few more lbs before a big event (wedding, vacation...etc.). I can definitely tell it reset my sweet tooth! You can check out the 3 day Refresh on my site here.
The picture on the left is from Mother's day. This is the picture that pushed me back to Weight Watchers. The picture on the right is from yesterday. What a huge difference just three months can make! And another little plug for my PiYo is that Bryan told me yesterday that he is really starting to see a huge difference in my arms and shoulders! Thank you, Tricep push-ups!

So Bryan and I went to see our Doctor yesterday to get some of Bryan's meds switched around. After months of telling Bryan that he would feel better if he worked out with me, he finally agreed to start again after our doc suggested it. So he let me buy T25 yesterday!! I am SO excited. We are going to be doing it in the mornings before work and I will still be doing my beloved PiYo in the afternoons.

What is T25?
I haven't done T25 yet but Annie (my coach and new bff) has. This is what she had to say about it.

"When it comes to T25, I have nothing but amazing things to say. It's a quick intense workout ONLY 25 minutes a day. These workouts are done in the comfort of your own home. For T25 you are not doing the same workout every day, you receive a package of DVDs and each day is a different workout. There is a rest day and a stretching day as well. My favorite is the speed day workout, it's more like dancing. I'm far from coordinated BUT these workouts are so much fun. The 25 minutes fly by and bottom line, you will get you RESULTS. After the first 5 weeks you double up workouts on Fridays."

Annie lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks and she didn't have a lot to lose! She mainly toned! 
Annie's before and afters
Focus T25 is on Challenge pack this month and it is a great deal! You get it for over half off when you order it with the Shakeology... and you all know what I think about my Shakeology! You can check it out here.

ALSO... I have FOUR  more Shakeology 7 day challenge spots open! I am sending invoices via paypal and as soon as they are paid your spot is secured. They all went within an hour of me posting on my blog about it last week. You get two of each flavor (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) and a seventh packet of your choice (depending on what I have left, first come, first serve). It's $40 local, add $2 shipping if I need to ship! Leave me your email to send paypal invoice and extra flavor choice and I will send you an invoice. If you're still seeing this it means they're still available. I will edit the post when they're all gone! The Shakeology Challenge packs will ship early next week.

Happy {rainy} Thursday, loves! I'll be back with my "official" weight loss post tomorrow! Oh, and if you have an inspirational weight loss story--email me. I would love to feature you!


  1. First time commenter....been following your journey for a few weeks now. You even encouraged me to purchase PiYo. (Love it by the way!) Your doing great! I love to read stories that are real, and you admitted your human! We do all make those same food mistakes, and I'm battling with it now. I'm working on recipes daily for my blog and find that taste testing is killing my diet! Btw, I do have a question, I know your following weight watchers, but how in the world do you incorporate all those veggies into your diet? I'm trying to follow the PiYo plan a bit and can't seem to eat a veg at breakfast!

    1. Hey thanks for the sweet comment! My secret to get veggies at breakfast is that I add a cup of spinach to my smoothies! You cant taste it AT ALL! :) Hope that helps! I need to hope over to your blog and check out your recipes! Glad you're loving PiYo! :)

  2. I am doing piyo and weight watchers. How many points for exercise do you give yourself for the different work outs? Brittnee

    1. Brittnee-- I kind of guess. I looked up what Pilates was and go off of that. Usually a point per 10 minutes or so. So usually 3ish points per workout!

  3. I would like to try this. I'm at my heaviest ever. It's time I do something. My e-mail is and I would like strawberry


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