A Glimpse Into My Future

So today my boys started Mother's Day Out and Preschool.

I cannot believe how big they are getting!

Hudson and his best friend, Ethan!
While I have been thrilled for my very first day of complete freedom all summer, something came up that took up my whole day today.... a new job opportunity.

Let me back track... our Weight Watcher's leader resigned earlier this summer and they've been looking for someone to replace her for a few months. Three weeks ago, I got a text from my friend Meredith that several of the ladies that I am friends with at Weight Watchers had recommended me for the open Leader position, and while I was completely flattered, I knew I wasn't at my goal weight yet and therefore wasn't qualified.

Two weeks ago I got a call from the Weight Watchers office in Little Rock asking me if I would want the open leader position and if I could start training right away... since they're in need of a leader they are making an exception for me not being at my goal weight, but have been so impressed with my progress they know I will be there soon.

So they sent me a huge packet of info and I started my training today. It's only a few training sessions and then I go for a weekend "Leaders" training in a few weeks. Then I am official and I will be leading our local Thursday night Weight Watcher's meeting starting in the middle of September. So if you're local, I would totally LOVE to have you join us. I am sure I will be a nervous wreck and probably make a complete fool out of myself the first week.

All of this to say, six months ago I would have completely laughed at you if you had told me that I would be presented with this opportunity. I would have laughed if you would have told me that I would be a fitness mentor and then presented with the opportunity to lead at Weight Watchers. I still don't feel qualified but after going to my training this morning and talking with another leader, it solidified that this could be seen as a ministry opportunity as well, and I know that the Lord brought me here, under these very special circumstances, for a reason. I am not doing any of this to get rich or make money, but truly because I want to help people better their lives.

After this post I won't be mentioning Weight Watchers by name again. I am changing "Weight Watcher's Friday" to "Weekly Weigh-in Friday". Which I'll actually be skipping this week, because I am kind of doing that post today and I weighed today (up 1.6 lbs, ugh). But it's a new week and a new beginning, so I'll be back with those posts next Friday.

I am thrilled with this new opportunity, and it's only requiring me to be gone from my family the same amount that I was already gone, just for a few hours on Thursday nights. It's really win-win. Plus what better accountability than to be talking about weight loss every week!
There is a "Skinny" mirror at the Weight Watcher's center in Fayetteville and I loved it because not only does it make you look 30 lbs lighter and a foot taller (exageration) but I love the sign that's next to it. "A Glimpse into Your future". No truer words for where I am right now and I am loving every minute.

Happy Wednesday loves!


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