End of Week/Weekend in Review...

{Warning... this is very random...}

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty bummed and discouraged that I gained weight last week. But Thursday I changed my attitude and started back on track. I found this on Pinterest and loved it.

Oh and this... because I do love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I can tell you one thing, I do NOT love Burpees. This will be forever ingrained in my mind.
My boys. Hudson has been SO great. I hear that 4 is better than 3 as far as obeying and Hudson will be 4 in two weeks and he has been making such good choices. We are so proud of him.
So I've been doing a combo of T25 and PiYo this week. I've been working out HARD.
On Friday I took the boys to Little Giggles with some friends. We spent 3 hours there and it wore them out. Rhett loved this little slide and did it over and over and over again.
Hudson loved the bouncy house and slide.
So since I am a leader now, I don't have to pay for a membership so I bought this planner and I can track my foods online. I am a pen and paper girl all the way anyways and I have been doing a lot better keeping track of my food since I got this. Love it.
Friday Bryan had a fantasy Football draft, so I made a "skinny" version of my favorite restaurant pasta. Bryan ate the leftovers for lunch yesterday and said it's the best pasta I have ever made. The recipe is from Skinny Taste but I added Chicken and Pine nuts... and a TBSP of butter :).
I finished week one of Focus T25 yesterday with a double workout-- KILLER. But I did my week one stats and I was so impressed. I did not want to workout but I told myself that I would be so glad I did it when it came time to get my skinny jeans and boots out for fall. Focus T25 is hard and while both PiYo and 21 Day Fix (that I blog about below) are for ANY fitness level, I'd say you need to have a moderate level of fitness to do Focus T25. If you've been working out for awhile and want to push yourself harder, this is for you!

I am down 5 total inches, with an inch and a half of that being around my waist! I am so happy about this!!! I pulled out all of my jeans yesterday. Last winter I only had one pair that fit. Now I have SEVEN pairs that fit and two more that are SO close and I know I'll be in them before fall!
One last thing... my BeachBody team is doing a 21 day fix challenge group starting on September 2nd (aka my birthday!!!). There is a huge pot of money, and it's growing as I type, that will go to one lucky winner in our challenge group. You get your first entry from purchasing the program from me, and you will have several other chances to get entries through the challenge (including referring friends!). If you're looking for something to help you get in shape and start learning more about clean eating and portion control, this is your thing! I am starting it then too (along with continuing Focus T25) and I have heard so many other coaches rave about it so I can't wait to see what it does for my weight loss! It's great for ALL fitness levels. With the kit you get a set of DVD workouts, containers for portion control, a month's worth of Shakeology and an eating guide. Leave me your email in the comments (or email me at if you want more details!
Hope you've all had such a great weekend! Blessings!!


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