One month.

Today is exactly one month until my 28th Birthday.

I have three goals for the next month but I want to share them so that it will keep me accountable. I am very "goal" oriented and competitive and usually if I set a goal I do everything in my power to reach it.

First: I want to lose 11 lbs this month. That might sounds crazy but I have had a goal to be under a certain weight by my birthday and to get to that goal it means 11 lbs need to be gone by then! I totally think I can do it!

Second: I want to be able to run a 5k without stopping WITH the jogging stroller. Right now I can run one without the stroller. With the stroller (and both boys) I can run about 2 miles without stopping but pushing those extra 100 lbs is WAY harder than it seems. So on Labor Day (the day before my birthday) I want to be able to mark out and run a 5k without stopping. It gives me something to aim for!

Third: I want to continue to grow my business with BeachBody. I am hoping as everyone gets PiYo and starts working out that I will have several other people LOVE the changes that they are seeing with Shakeology and PiYo and want to be just as passionate about helping people change their lives as I am. So goal three is to have 20 total coaches in my team by my birthday. That means... TEN coaches in the next month. This month's challenge packs ROCK! When I get my first BeachBody paycheck over a certain amount (that I told hubby) I am going to buy T25 for myself but it is on Challenge Pack this month at a GREAT deal! I am doing 3-Day Refresh next week and starting month TWO of PiYo. Then after my birthday I am starting 21 Day Fix (and keeping PiYo up too) and I will be running a challenge group on Facebook... more about all of that to come!

No excuses this month! If I am going to hit my goal weight by Christmas, I've got to keep on keeping on.

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Have you checked out the Whole30 plan? It's 30 days of only real, unprocessed foods. I'm doing it this month and it's helped realized how totally hooked I've been on sweets! (Of course I did "healthy" sweets, but sweets are sweets) now if I want them, it's fruit only this month! Just something to look into bc it's exactly a month long challenge. Of course you'll have to say bye-bye to your shakeology for a month, but I guarantee you- you'll get results. The quickest way to lean out is cut out grains and sugars.


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