Last night we took Hudson to the Rodeo of the Ozark's Professional Bull Riding. He LOVED it. We left Rhett at home with my parents. Tony, David and Jordan went with us.
 Hudson was way more interested in checking all the bulls out than sitting in his seat.
Me and Jord waiting for the show to start!
We had a fun Saturday and look forward to a few more years when he will be even more into it and when we can take Rhett too. You aren't from the south if you don't go to a rodeo every once in a while!

Blessed Sunday loves.

Come back tomorrow for more info on the PiYo giveaway... 25 comments was enough to push me to proceed. :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm at a low right now. I feel like now is the time to make a change and start taking care of myself, not just my family. Your blog is inspiring!

  2. I would love to have a copy! Can't wait to get my shakes! Is there anything I can buy that would help with appetite control? I feel like I'm never full.

  3. Rachel, that's exactly where I was! I was hoping that this post might encourage another momma to start doing something for herself because we give SO much each day and don't do a lot for ourselves but I've found that I am a better and happier momma when I am doing something for myself too-- whether it's just a pedicure, exercise or starting my own business! :) Keep your head up and I'd love to chat more with you if you're trying to figure out what that "thing" is!

  4. Tracy-- Shakeology has been amazing for my appetite! It keeps me full for several hours! One thing you could look into is 3 Day Refresh- which i blogged sbout Thursday. I am a bad snacker and it completely reset how I was thinking about food and my appetite in those three days! I can't wait for you to get your shakes either!!!

  5. Yes!!! My first week of PiYo was the first (and only) week I didn't lose weight at WW bc I was building muscle! Keep it up!!

  6. I've hit rock bottom also. I weigh more than I ever have and I've always had trouble with my self-esteem. I always turn to food or shopping and I don't know how to change that. I love reading your posts.


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