Rhett is EIGHTEEN months old!

My baby turned 18 months old last week! I cannot believe it! He is starting to be more like a toddler and less like a baby.
Rhett, you love your brother. You want to be just like him and do every thing that he does. I love that about you and  I am constantly reminding Hudson that you're watching him.

You are my baby tornado. You're into everything. You never cease to amaze me with things you do or get into. I can't let you out of my sight for two seconds.
 You are SO happy. You laugh all the time. You make us laugh all the time. You are full of joy.
 You're my snuggler. You love to snuggle.
We've started talking about potty training because of your sensitive skin and constant rashes. You tell me when you need to go and we've had some successes already! I am not pushing it but ready when you are!
You're SO adventurous and full of wonder, you like to try to figure out how things work.

You're in cloth diapers 98% of the time but size 4 in disposables. I think you still weigh right around 22-23 lbs. You're in mostly 12-18 mo clothes.
You love your momma. You follow me around the house all day.

You're starting to get big enough to do fun stuff (like decorate cookies) with me and Hudson and I love it.
You sleep from 6-6 most nights. When you're ready for bed, you're ready! You take an hour nap in the morning and another hour and a half in the afternoon still.
You're talking like crazy. You say Momma, Dada, Puppy, Hudda, Cookie, Cracker, night-night, bye, hello, Pa, G-Pa, Sadie, Milk, No-No, Do-Do (Aunt Jordo).... and lots of other things.
 You really love Mickey Mouse Club House. The only show you will sit and watch (and dance to).
You are a healthy eater just like Hudson although I just recently discovered that you like chicken nuggets. You and Hudson both LOVE strawberries and blueberries.

I love you, my little blue-eyed boy. You make my heart so happy. I love how different you are from your brother but how you're so similar too. Keep being adventurous, little one. The Lord has amazing things in store for you.



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