Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 11

So there isn't really a WWF update this week. I missed the meeting last night because I was sick with 101 fever and having the worst ear pain EVER so I went to the doctor. My guess is that my weight is about the same because I haven't been able to workout much this week but at the doctors office I was down a few lbs... who knows? We will find out the official number next Thursday.

I was feeling better yesterday morning, took the boys on a 4 mile walk/run and then mowed the yard (I might have over done it a bit but I did burn over 900 calories...). Then I was laying on the couch watching TV while Rhett napped and felt my fever shoot up. 

101 Fever in August means shorts, tank top and huge sweater
Thankful for modern meds
I did end up with a pretty bad ear infection and sinus infection so the dr hooked me up with meds. Hoping to be better in no time!

Starting today off with a new Shakeology recipe! Mixed it with Iced Coffee-- Super yum!

Also thankful that even though I haven't been feeling the best I can still "work" a little. I can't say enough how much of a blessing this "job" has been. Tomorrow is officially one month since I signed to coach, in that month I have signed 11 coaches to join me. Three of those coaches have signed coaches. Our "little" team is already up to 17 people in a month! It's amazing! I have three more girls that I think are joining me this week, I can't wait to see where I am another month from now.
Even through my sickness, I managed to do PiYo 3x this week plus a walk and a run. Since I "over" did it, the dr told me to take the weekend off. So no working out for me, doctors orders!
I got Hudson two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of cargo pants at Target this week! Both pairs of shoes were $25 total! Pants for $3!
So that's it for now. No weight stats, so we'll leave with me saying I feel better than I have in years. I weigh less now that I did when I got pregnant with Rhett. Bryan and I are starting T25 Monday, and I think that will really boost my weight loss too, mixing things up a bit! Keeping sharing and entering the PiYo giveaway. It's still open until Sunday at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Monday! I am thrilled with how successful the giveaway has been, so you can bet I will be doing something like this again in the future!

Happy Friday and Happy weekend loves!


  1. Hi there, great job on the continued success on the weight loss- and you are doing it in the right ways, not some magic pill, but by hard work and exercise. I did want to say that you might need to check the stats on the cals burned. There is no way a 4 mile run/walk burned 900 cals. Even if you ran the whole way fast you would never burn 900 cals. Not sure if your garmin/cal watch is off. But this will maybe sabotage your diet at some point, thinking you burned more than you did. I ran into this problem big time with my journey. Actually my Garmin was off in the miles I ran..i was training for a 1/2 and my Garmin kept telling me I was running farther than I really my training was all off. It stunk when I actually really ran a 1/2 and found out my longest run was only 10 miles according to my Garmin- not 13. :( FYI. GREAT JOB.

  2. You're so right! The 900 calories were from running and mowing my lawn. I had my watch on for over two hours! I usually burn around 350-400 when I run my 4.5 miles. :-) and I try not to eat my workout calories ever, but one day eventually when I get to my goal weight I probably will shift that and you're right its so good to be aware of that! Thanks for the tip!!


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