Birthday in Review!

So in case you missed it, yesterday was my birthday... ha ha...

The day started like any normal day. Bryan left for work, it was storming, Rhett was sick... you know same ol, same ol. He has hand, foot and mouth disease and it is absolutely miserable. I hate it, ugh.

I finally caved and ordered a premium starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils last week... and my friend Beth brought me over a whole bunch of goodies to use on Rhett since modern meds were doing... exactly, nothing. boo. So I am using an Immunity Booster and Purification on him right now. After the first try with the oils he napped 4 hours, more than he had slept all weekend at one time. For the record, Bryan thinks I am a crazy person... we will see...

My mom made me a birthday cake (My Fav- Emeril Lagasse's Chocolate Brownie Cake) on Monday when all of my family was still here. So I had my cake then... and while I ate the exact opposite of "clean" this weekend, I did still workout on schedule, so there's that.
I even did T25 on my birthday...
Officially 28! Time of Birth....
I was a baby and cried on the phone to my dad that my birthday was shaping up to be JUST like every other day, so before the boys napped I went and got myself a {GASP} real PSL (minus whip). And something incredible happened... while I was out I got a text about something that I had been worried about since last week, the situation was totally taken care of and ended up perfectly, so that was a huge birthday blessing...
Then something incredible happened at Starbucks... I am copying the text from what I wrote on Facebook... "To the Momma in the Red Murano in front of me at Starbucks... You had NO idea that I haven't slept more than 3 hours at a time in four days. You didn't know that I have a super sick 18 month old. And you definitely didn't know that today was my birthday and I spent 15 min crying on the phone to my dad because it was storming and my birthday was shaping up to be just like every other day-- cleaning, working out and taking care of sick kids and a possibility of losing my date night tonight because of the sick baby. So when I ran to get myself a PSL before the boys took naps, you made my day when you paid for my drink and told the barista to tell me it was "from one tired momma to another". Thank you for blessing me today!" 

I also signed my 16th coach yesterday and my 21st team member! I can't believe that in just 7 short weeks I have accumulated a team of 21 people all wanting to help others! That's pretty awesome!
For my birthday I just told Bryan that I wanted to go out to dinner and shopping without the kids. So my parents came and watched the boys.
I secretly have wanted to be able to rock this look for a long time (yes the ankle books and cuffed skinny jean look). Now I am finally fit enough to do it, I was SO happy! It was completely worth every single minute of working out and eating right to be where I am today. For my birthday Bryan got me a new full length mirror and....

We went out to dinner at Carrabas and I had a carb-filled meal. Then we did a little shopping (and ended up buying just dog beds... ha) and went home to eat some Gelato and watch "Mom's Night Out" (my choice!). I ended up having a super birthday!!! Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! Now I have to gear up for my big boy's 4th birthday next week!

I will also be honest and let y'all know that I am well aware that my weigh-in isn't going to be great this week, but it was my birthday and I work so hard, I wanted to give myself a little freedom this weekend! I am back on the "clean eating" wagon today!

I am keeping both of my boys home from school today because Rhett is still sick and I am not convinced that Hudson isn't going to get it... hoping everyone is back to normal next week!

Happy Wednesday friends!


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