So I have been a little MIA because I am a bit preoccupied...

We've decided to test the market and try to sell our house and potentially buy our "forever home".

I have heard this is a stressful process (especially with little kids) so I am just praying that if it's meant to be the house sells quickly and we get what we want for it and if it doesn't, we will be content to stay here for awhile.

We're in the best circumstance because we're not in a rush to sell and don't have a contract on another house yet and worse case scenario, we sell our house and either have to move in with my parents for awhile or get a rental.

It's a new journey and it's had me busy. Our dream "forever home" is one with a basement or separate living area for when our boys are older. I want to move where we are more secluded with trees and space for the boys to explore.

We aren't moving far away, we are looking out by my parents on the lake. We found a house that we loved but it went under contract the next day. We have an awesome realtor who knows the lake house market and is really pushing for us. He came over to finish the comps on our house this morning and we are very pleased with how much he thinks we can get for our house. Soooo if you're in the market for a house in Bentonville, let me know! It should be officially listed by the end of next week.

Also, if you've sold your house have you used a professional stager? I am thinking we are going to rid the house of extra furniture this weekend and de-clutter toys. Early next week I am going to pay to have the house professionally cleaned before it is officially listed. We're also going to work on landscaping this weekend. I would love any tips and tricks that you have for me!

So bear with me if my posts are a bit few and far between...

Happy Wednesday.


  1. The first thing we did was rent a storage unit and move out non essential furniture and clutter. Then we added a fresh coat of paint to most of the rooms and did a major cleaning.

    A good Realtor can you give you staging tips and have a professional photographer take your pictures.

  2. When my husband and I sold ours, we had a 2 year old and I was pregnant with our 2nd. We cleared out a LOT of furniture to make the rooms seem larger. (Extra running room for kids!) We also packed up a TON of toys and extra kid items. We rented a storage unit and moved everything in to that. It's crazy what you can actually live without! Also, it took awhile to sell our house, so a few months after we put the toys in storage and we pulled them back out, it was like all new toys!
    We also touched up the paint and hired a cleaner and my 2 year old undid all her work in no time! :) Double check with your Realtor about how your furniture should go in your house. If they've had experience, they know what shows well and what doesn't.
    We also took down a lot of personal pictures from the house. It hurt to do that, but I didn't want the person coming in to look at my home to see ME and MY family there. I wanted them to imagine it as THEIR the majority of the family photos and personalized items went. It's easier for them to imagine themselves living there if they don't see all your "personal" touches.

  3. Whaaaat??? So exciting!!

    I second the taking pictures off your walls and table tops. Our realtor walked through our house and pretty much told us what to take down and what to put in storage. He also said gallery walls were a big no no, as fun as they are they are a no. It will seem very bare and "cold" but people want to be able to picture themselves there not staring at the people who currently live there. Also hide all your toothbrushes and such in your bathroom.

    Clear off all your kitchen counters except for the bare essentials. Women want lots of counter space so make it look as big as possible.

    Storing large area rugs will show off wood floors and make the room look much larger.

    Also stay on top of dirty diapers. Your house DOES NOT smell like dirty diapers EVER, totally not what Im saying, but our realtor told us that your nose gets used to our kids diaper smells but new people coming in can pick up on it. I would actually take the diaper bin and dirty laundry hamper with me in the car when I left for a showing. Totally crazy but I didn't want people catching even a hint of stink even if the bin was empty. Ha! Oh and never spray air freshener. People will wonder what you are trying to hide.

    I kept an empty laundry basket handy to throw crap in quickly if I had to leave right away and couldn't put everything in its proper place. Then would toss the basket in the trunk to take with me. Less stress sometimes.

    Also Clorox wipes for your bathrooms are your best friends. :)

    This was just some stuff I remember! You'll get a good routine down each day to keep things under control so you can run out the door when needed.

  4. Oh and have B take the pictures. They'll be better than a realtor with a point and shoot unedited.

  5. Clean clean and clean the kitchen!
    Remember to tidy away trash bins and clean the outside of your windows.
    Do not have air freshners around as people think that you are masking smells and potential problems.
    Have a pet free house. Lots of people have allergies to pets.
    Tidy all of your closets,people will look in them.
    Have all of your warranties available to view .
    Do your own home inspection report. It will save you money if you do any repairs ahead of time especially as local codes change.

  6. I forgot that. We are doing pre inspection so no surprises. It is very appealing in the market today.


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