Taking care of business...

I've still got a super sick baby boy... day six of hand, foot and mouth-- NO FUN...

Big brother giving him hugs
But I've got two great opportunities to tell you about real quick...
First, my beloved PiYo... We are starting a PiYo Challenge group on September 18th on Facebook. It is going to be full of motivation and inspiration and lots of other people doing the program with you! I am offering $20 off the challenge pack price for the first THREE people who order this week. It took me about 10 weeks to get the results that I got and I would love for you to look back around Christmas and be SO glad that you started PiYo in September. I'd love to share more info with you-- you can leave your email in the comments, email me ( or go over here to order.

Second, there is still time to get in on the 21 Day Fix challenge group with a chance to win over $200! You can order 21 Day Fix here or hit me up for details. It is a great program for learning portion control and has incredible workouts with it!

Today I went running with the boys for the first time in almost a month! Goodness gracious, kicked my booty! Then I did Focus T25... that DID kick my booty!
I've got WW training tonight and all weekend... which also means weigh in tonight... and it isn't going to be pretty. I gave myself a little freedom for my birthday and didn't track what I ate for four days and it has shown up on the scale! But I am back on track!!!

My weight loss and fitness journey is DAILY a huge battle between my mind and my body. I have disciplined myself to stay with it and I am so proud of where I am versus 3 months ago!

I debated not weighing tonight... but I am going to weigh, face that number (because it DOES NOT define me) and have a better number next week! I'll be back with my WWF post tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!


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