Transformation Tuesday!

Hudson is sick, blah. And I had planned a big post for today but I just don't see it happening. So instead I am difusing my oils like a crazy person hoping no one else starts throwing up...

So a short and sweet post today to show you a comparison that I found last week.

I had to take a before and after to my first Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday and I decided to go through pics on Bryan's computer because I knew there were bound to be some bad ones that I hadn't seen.... and oh, boy did I find one. I cannot believe the progress this shows.

May 20, 2014 to Sept 10, 2014
This is 210 lbs to 186 lbs. The first pic is from when we were in Annapolis for my cousins graduation. I started Weight Watchers that next week and PiYo about 2 weeks later. This is incredible to me and shows my progress better than anything I've ever seen. Three and a half months difference. Crazy cakes, I tell you. I never ever ever want to see that chubby girl again.

I've still got a long journey ahead but I am so glad I am not where I started anymore. I started PiYo back this weekend and I am SO sore. Chalene and her Sumo Burpees about killed me. I am excited to do it again today! I started back with a group of girls in a PiYo support group on Facebook and I love the accountability and support we have in there! There is still time if you want to join us!
Just an encouragement for your Tuesday... maybe for some of you today needs to be your "before" picture so in a few months you can look back and see all the progress you made. This journey isn't easy at all, but it is totally worth it. I work out at least once 6 days a week, some days twice, and write down EVERY bite of food that I take... that's what works for me.

And maybe for others of you you're at your "after" and that's great, keep it up!!! I get emails almost every day from people who are on this journey with me and I LOVE hearing from you!

Happy Tuesday, loves. :)


  1. Way to go! You are seriously inspiring :-)

  2. That is a great transformation!

  3. Hope your little guy feels better soon! I use YL oils to. For my little ones I like to use a carrier oil, a drop of Thieves, and a drop of Lemon and rub it on their spine and feet. Helps so much along with diffusing. Also, a drop of Di-Gize with a carrier oil and rub it on his tummy.(you may already be doing this, just wanted to share what works for us)

    You look great, making great progress!

  4. I'm a HUGE WW fan and I am just finishing a 30 day piyo challenge! Too funny we are almost the same in all that! I have lost about 18 pounds since March, your pictures are awesome! Way to go!


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