WWF- Week 14

Well... I knew I would gain this week and I was also in a predicament because my "normal" weigh-in attire is gym shorts and a tank top (least amount of weight possible) and with become a leader I have to follow dress code now... and with fall coming I knew I wasn't going to be able to pull off shorts...
I decided I would "eat" the extra weight of my clothes this week and then hopefully lose next week!

So I was up 2.2 lbs. Blah. But next week will be better! Our "guest" leader asked me to get up and introduce myself and while I am not "shy", I am not incredibly out going in front of a bunch of people I don't know. My friend Meredith snapped this picture (below) and I am just so proud of myself and what this picture stands for! I am proof that if you want something you should work towards it with all that you have because you never know what opportunities might be presented to you later down the road!
I start my leader training tonight and I am so excited to make some new friends and find out what this is all about.

My sick boy seems to be getting better, our Ped prescribed him some Anti-virals today so I am hoping he will be back to normal in no time! He isn't sure its HFM, so who knows... I just want it gone. My parents took Hudson for a few days so it would be less work for me and he wouldn't be around Rhett as much so he can hopefully steer clear of this junk... it's very quiet around my house without my big boy.
Hope you all have the happiest weekend! :)


  1. Welp. You've inspired me. I'm starting WW (again!) tomorrow. Ugh! I hope to blog through it but it's so scary for me to actually blog personal things. How do you push past that? I'm especially uncomfortable blogging pics of myself when I feel my worst. But.. I guess I will try!

  2. Don't I look like the best photographer? HAHA!
    Again I am thrilled for you and you are already a fabulous leader and many look up to you, sweet friend! Love ya!


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