21 Day Fix-- Day ONE

So I have had 21 Day Fix since I started coaching with BeachBody. The last month has been up and down with my eating (and honestly tracking) and for 3 weeks I decided to stick to a plan and see if I could get off the next 10 pesky pounds. I've been hanging right around 185-188 since the middle of August and I am plumb tired of it.

21 Day Fix is pretty cool. It comes with a set of DVD workouts (6 total workouts with a calendar that tells you what to do when) and an eating guide and it tells you how many of the containers you get based on your weight. The coolest thing is the colored portion control containers. There is tons of cool info on Pinterest about meal planning and several of my coach friends have posted great recipes. So I sat down on Sunday afternoon and planned out my week in meals. I thought some of you might like to see what all I ate so I took pictures and color coated them for you. I also am still tracking my weight watchers points with this and it's all falling right in together. Great combo.

Blend with Water and Ice... YUM!
Then mid-morning I worked out. Day One was Total Body Cardio Fix and OWWW I am sore today!
Snack! Plain Greek Yogurt, Strawberries and Flax seed
Lunch! Grilled Tilapia with brown rice and quinoa and broccoli
Dinner: Southwest Chicken Salad
I was stuffed at bedtime and exhausted. I went to bed at 8 pm last night. I did wake up hungry in the night and ate a Kind bar so I am thinking I need to do better about spacing out my meals today and I missed a serving of veggies yesterday too. I am realizing that I am not getting enough protein so filling up those containers was difficult! I am very organized so this is fun for me. I am excited to try some new meals today!

Hope you're all having a happy Tuesday!


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