And the Showings begin...

Ahhh... it has been a whirlwind week! Our house officially went on the MLS on Friday and was "google-able" yesterday. I got a phone call midday yesterday about our first showing and it's all feeling super real now.
The photographer who did the pictures of our house did amazing. Our realtor is a personal friend of my dad's and he has been so great too! I can't imagine doing all of this without a realtor, it's stressful enough. My prayer all along has been that if it's meant to be for us to move that our house will sell quickly and for the price we want... so fingers crossed!

On that note... we went to a second showing of our hopeful "forever home" yesterday. We decided to go ahead and submit an offer and are hoping it gets submitted at some point this weekend. The house isn't on the lake like we originally were looking for, it's right across the street from the lake and has an incredible back yard complete with a tree fort for the boys. I think with having little kids, it's best to not have it right in the back yard. The best thing is that this house is literally 30 seconds away from my parent's house which does have lake access so we can hop over there any time. Bryan and I are hoping SO much that this works out. How fun for our boys to grow up ONE street over from Grammy and Pa!!! Speaking of Pa... he has been a lifesaver to me as I've been trying to get ready this week by helping me with the boys! Thanks Dad!

It's been a busy week of cleaning and organizing our house. We had our lawn professionally mowed and edged and we also had two ladies come and do the nitty-gritty cleaning (like baseboards, windows, scrubbing the showers...) that I don't like to do. We've got half of our belongings in our garage already and our house is as show ready as it's ever going to be.

My boys have been great this week! Such a blessed momma to have these sweet boys.

We went to Walmart last night and I bought all of the cleaning supplies that I could think of that would make my life easier. I posted it on my IG and got TONS of great house showing tips. I'd love to hear if y'all have tips too!!!

Hope you're having a great weekend and a super happy Sunday!!


  1. Wishing you much success for a "quick sale." I'm sure you have everything "show ready." Happy week!

  2. We sold our home in Bentonville last year. My tips: make up beds as soon as you get up, sweep and vacuum before you go to bed at night, clean off countertops right before you leave. Make sure you have some sort of rug or doormat in yourbfront door to wipe wet or dirty feet on for those who keep their shoes on. Also, keep a laundry basket empty to throw stuff into and put in your car for those hurried showings. Our home was on the market for just over 4 months and I had to do at least 40 showings while my husband was traveling. Most of ours were relocation from different parts of the country with at least a day notice, but there were several that wanted to see it in 30 minutes...and always at nap time.
    We were always told that our home showed well. It was little things like they wanted the master further from the kids rooms or they wanted a mudroom or bigger family room or all hardwood flooring. Since it was winter, we always kept the heat blasting but if it's warm outside I would keep the A/C going.
    Prayers for a super offer soon.


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