Monday Funday

You might be having a Monday Funday if...

You spend 3 hours of your 6 hours of free time from your oldest child cleaning your entire house from top to bottom just to get a phone call at 2:30 PM that the showing scheduled for 4:30 PM has been cancelled.

It's been a Monday. And actually, until that call nothing bad had happened. Monday's are always my busy days. We drop Hudson off at Preschool at 8 (and they were testing our their new car line thing so I didn't even have to get myself or Rhett out of the car, woo!) and then headed to get groceries. Spent 40 min at the store, reading labels like crazy, darn you added sugar and sodium. I did a double work out- ran two miles and did 21 Day Fix Total body cardio fix, then showered and started folding laundry- I did 4 loads and folded it and put it all away in ONE day- a new record. Then I cleaned (including cleaning out my purse- gross) for a while until it was time to pick Hudson up.

I don't even really mind that they cancelled. I wasn't looking forward to taking the boys and the dogs in the car for an hour at rush hour traffic time.

And at least now, my house is clean.

...Oh and the tummy bug is going around and Hudson just came out of his room and told me that his tummy hurts as I was typing this...

Happy Monday. Monday Funday, that is.


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