Random Tuesday

So I've come down with a yucky cold. Rhett's been puny, again I attributed it to teething, but now I'm wondering if he had what I've got now. It's just one thing after another. I made thieves tea last night and my throat felt better for awhile, I've been diffusing thieves like crazy too. I've also been using my Immunity Boost Roll on and my friend, Beth, just brought over my order for my thieves cleaner and Breathe Again this morning. I am excited to use them. Essential oils are SO fun. I just signed up for Essential Rewards so I can earn money back on my orders and placed another order last night, I might be a bit addicted.

We had an open house on Sunday and not a great turn out, but still trusting that if it's meant to be for us to move that the Lord will work it out in his timing. Trying not to get too stressed about it. From what I have heard most Open Houses are when your neighbors come snoop, and that's basically what happened to us-- so weird and kind of creepy, but whatever. Hoping for some showings this week.

I restarted 21 Day Fix yesterday and am sticking with the diet this time. I love love love the workouts. A sweet client of mine had AMAZING success and I want results like hers! So because of this and because I am restarting and was some support too-- I have decided to make a private 21 Day Fix group on Facebook AND I am offering the first THREE blog followers who purchase a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack with Shakeology through me $20 off! Just mention this deal when you email me and we will get you all set up! First three people only! You can also go here to order, just make sure it lists me as your coach! This deal is only good through the end of the week or until three people have ordered. And anyone can get into the Facebook group who orders through me. I'll be offering incentives and prizes along the way! We'll be starting a fresh group soon!

I am also staying OFF of the scale. It stresses me out too much. I will weigh at WW this week but I was very encouraged the other night to pull out some PJ pants that Janet bought me two years ago for Christmas, that I couldn't even get over my booty, and they fit perfectly. I had actually been looking at new PJs that day with my mom, so I was pretty excited to pull the tags off and have some new (old) PJs. Also, Rhett broke my glasses last week so I have to wear them one-sided until I go to the eye doctor next week, awesome.

The boys and I broke out a bunch of our favorite movies to watch today, I think we all deserve and nice quiet day at home. Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. I love this!! I just started piyo/shakeology this week and it is so encouraging to read about others progress!!! Get it girls!!!

  2. Hi! I have the 21 day fix and love the workouts...the diet part stumps me! I just can't get my head around all the containers...Can I join your private group??


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