Transformation Thursday-- Edith's Story

I have talked with a few of my friends and fellow BeachBody Coaches and asked them to share their transformation stories with you all. I hope you enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello, I'm Edith Morris and this is my story of fat to fit.

The heaviest that I weighed was 203, but I have fluctuated from that weight to the mid-190s over the years. I realized I needed to do something about mid-May at a weight of 197 lbs., where I started watching my calories and walking short distances, approximately a mile. Then, we went on vacation in late June and I fell of the wagon. Any improvements I had made, I lost and was back to 197 lbs.

After returning, I began tracking my calories, walking; then in July I started following Jenna Buettemeyer's blog. I saw her great results with PIYO. It helped me realize that I need to and could take charge of my health. I knew it was not an easy fix and takes work to maintain, but realized it was something I could do. Understand, I have tried several different things in the past couple of years but never was able to find one that made sense for me. I had been active through out my teens and twenties never thinking I would have a weight problem let alone become obese. It was in my thirties that I developed some medical issues that made me less activate and as time when on I started to gain weight and lost interest in being active. Reading Jenna's blog encouraged me try PIYO and the beachbody products. They make sense and work for me.

Now, fast forward to the future and I am a “beachbody coach." I didn’t just wave a magic wand and become healthier or more fit; it was a very conscious effort to make a plan and stick with it. I started off slow, little steps to achieve a little goal; but, don’t get me wrong I have bigger weight loss goals. I had to be able to wrap my head around it to get started. I think one of the biggest challenges is not to have goals that are out of reach. It's one step, one meal and one day at a time. I have now lost 30+ lbs, my health is better and I feel better about myself. My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. He has been there for me for the 23 years of our marriage. We do it together now. He has always been fairly fit, but even he has lost 20 lbs doing this together. I continue to seek inspiration such as Jenna's to ensure I stay on the path.
Edith before- July 2014
After- 10/7, down 33 lbs!!!
I am SO proud of Edith and her progress! It is so encouraging for me to hear Edith's story and know that I have helped inspire her to change her life-- but she used her OWN strength! If y'all want to talk to Edith about her journey or find out more about the BeachBody products she has used shoot her an email, she'd love to talk to you!

Hope you're all having a blessed Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow with a WWF post! Stay tuned!


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