WWF and a House Update

I missed my WWF post last week, but in the past two weeks I have lost right at 2 lbs, which isn't great, but honestly with the way I had been eating until Monday I am surprised that I hadn't gained.

I started 21 Day Fix on Monday and I think I will see a big number decrease by next week's weigh in.

I've been kind of discouraged with the scale not moving, but I know it's no one's fault but my own so I am making a conscious effort now to write everything down that goes into my mouth-- accountability!

This picture showed up on my Timehop yesterday and it reminded me again of the progress that I have made.
A year ago yesterday and yesterday
I've been LOVING the 21 Day Fix workouts! It (so far) has been mostly strength training and I am working muscles that I didn't know existed. I have been SO sore too.

Yesterday was Pilates Fix, so fun!
So we had our first open house yesterday and it was just for Realtors. We had 17 Realtors come and got great feedback on our house so I was pretty happy about that. They just had a few small changes that we should make and everyone thought it was, for the most part, priced fairly so now we are just hoping for a sale after our BIG open house on Sunday.

My dad kept Hudson overnight on Wednesday night so I could get ready without him dragging toys out and Rhett woke up from his nap about an hour before the open house so I held him for that hour so he wouldn't mess anything up- ha... and trust me, that boy loves being held, he didn't complain.

I love his blue eyes
Needless to say, my house was probably the cleanest it has ever been. I made cookies and set out bottled water. I tried my "buy my house" blend of oils (Thieves and Orange) and my realtor walked in and said "WOW, your house smells amazing!". I've also been using Peace and Calming and Stress Away quite a bit to help with my anxiety and the stress of selling a house and it really has helped me so much. If you're interested in trying them I'd love to get you hooked up with my friend, Beth.

One of the suggestions was to stage my kitchen a little more. They didn't have to tell me twice! I was very glad to get back out some of my personal stuff!

In other news... we have a contract on our "hopeful" forever home. It was officially signed on Tuesday and it gives us 60 days to sell our house. It is perfect, across the street from the lake, but still with a lake view, has an already built tree fort and a great back yard for the boys. Also... it's 30 seconds (literally one street over) from my parents who do have lake access and we could be there in no time. I am so excited!! We know it is in the Lord's hands and are praying that ours sells quickly!!! I'll share pictures once it's a little more official!

Finally, I was so excited to get this email last night. My coach, Edith, who shared her story, is doing amazing with her BeachBody coaching and earned a call with the BB CEO. This is SO big in the BB world because not only is Edith earning a sweet second income but she's changing LIVES. If you have been wondering more about what we do, or wanting more info, I'd love to give you some (email me) and have this be YOU next month!

Hope you're having a blessed Friday! We are getting boat loads of rain! :)


  1. I'm glad you are going to stage your kitchen a little! As a former real estate broker, I was thinking the same thing. Potential buyers like to be able to imagine themselves there, so not having too many personal things (like photos) is good, but you want the house to feel warm and welcoming, not sterile. It is often a delicate balance. Your house looks beautiful and I am praying that it sells soon so that you can move on to your forever home. And Heaven knows, it is HARD to keep a house "ready to show" with two littles around!


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