WWF and I Cut my Hair...

Because one post wasn't enough today... ha ha....

...but seriously. I lost two lbs this week. That was worth another blog post because I am FINALLY out of my funk and back on track, I am at my lowest weight yet and SO pumped about it.
I shared on my Instagram this week that I was wearing some clothes that are fitting more loosly and I did my measurements again to find that I had lost SEVEN inches around my upper chest-- umm amazing. Also 4 inches from my hips and 3 inches off my waist-- all while losing VERY little weight. So see, that scale doesn't always matter.
Same work out top in both pictures, noticable tighter on the Left, ten weeks ago, then the other day, VERY loose. Progress.
Also.... I cut my hair even more this week. I am loving it.

And lastly... something really cool happened this week. While playing at the park on Wednesday, Jordan and I met a mom who had just moved to town and didn't know a soul. The cool thing is that her son is just two weeks older than Rhett. I invited her over for a play date yesterday with my friend Beth and we all just clicked. I am so happy to have a new friend and for Rhett to have a new bff too. This just goes to show that you never ever know what the Lord has in store for you, even when you're just at the park playing with your kids. She said that she'd been praying in the car on the way to the park that God would bring her a friend so she wouldn't feel so alone here, and then we just randomly started talking and became fast friends. Little did she know that I needed a friend too. Hannah, I am so happy to have met you and to have you in NWA! :)

Happy Friday, loves. Hope you get to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend!


  1. First, you look great and your hair is too cute! So glad the Lord had you two at the park at the same time. It may be a life long friendship. Happy weekend!

  2. Your hair is darling.

    Isn't it amazing how God puts people in your life at the right times?! God is good.


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