Another Random Tuesday

It's a VERY chilly Tuesday morning in Northwest Arkansas.

Bryan asked me what my plans were for the day this morning and I said... "nothing".

Today is what Hudson and I call a "Stay-at-Home" day. Which are one of my favorite kinds of days. We had a showing last night so my house is spic and span. I'll do my workout and maybe de-clutter a bit, but I think the boys and I will spend the rest of the day playing and doing stuff together. We might even watch a Christmas movie and drink Hot Chocolate... and maybe we will even make a yummy Christmas treat.

...and then tonight I get to to out to dinner with my friends. Yay for girls night!

I did PiYo yesterday and I am SO sore today. It's crazy how just stretching can make you sore. It must mean that I needed it! I'm going to do upper body today-- that means SORE abs tomorrow!

Have y'all heard of Graze? I hadn't until a month or so ago and I just got my third box yesterday and they're so fun! I get the little box with four snacks every two weeks. They're healthy and super scrumptious. Plus I like the surprise! If you go to and enter in my code ZXXTGLHFP you will get your first and fifth boxes free. You can customize what you do and don't like too.

Let me know if you sign up and what you think. I'm thinking it would also make for a fun Christmas present for some people I know too.

That's all I've got for today. I'm working on a post on how I save money buying Christmas presents... so look for it in the next few days!

 Happy Tuesday, loves!


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