It's Friday, so why not have some confessions??

1. I confess that I am so excited because I found out this week that I was off of the waiting list and am able to attend the BeachBody Coach Summit conference in Nashville next summer. I earned my FREE ticket and finalized my housing last night. I am staying in a really nice house with a bunch of other Diamond coaches that I have become friends with online and I am so excited to meet in person. We get to workout live with trainers like Shaun T and Chalene Johnson... I cannot wait!!!

2. I confess that I chose to give myself grace (thanks Meredith) and skip my weigh in last night. Starting fresh again today.

3. I confess that I have done a lot of reminiscing this week. My grandma gave me her China cabinet and dining room table a few years ago. She told me at the time that she wanted to be able to see me enjoy and use it before she died-- that she wanted me to be able to remember her eating meals at it in my house. I'm so grateful for that now. The strawberry dishes were in her kitchen when I was a little girl. They found the light pink bowl and candle holders in her closet with my name on them this week- one of her wedding presents. None of this had as much significance as it does now. So thankful for those memories.

4. I confess that I am so thankful for my friends. I have had nonstop texts and messages from my friends loving on me this week. Beth and Katie both saved me by bringing me their extra YLEO Peace and Calming when I ran out last week and I have a sweet friend bringing us a weight watchers meal this weekend (thanks Jenn!!!). I spent all day yesterday with my new friend, Hannah, and it was so good just to feel a little normal again. I blogged about her a few weeks ago, but it amazes me that the Lord brought this friend into my life SO randomly at the park and we really have SO much in common. We took our boys on an adventure through the woods yesterday and it was so fun! Rhett and Eli are only 2 weeks apart in age so it's fun to see them together. Hannah fed us breakfast AND lunch and let the boys destroy her brand new house. So very thankful for my friends.

5. I confess that I started PiYo back this week. I'm going back to square one for what worked for me to lose my weight in the beginning. Counting my WW points, following PiYo and running/walking 3x a week. PLUS PiYo is back on sale this month. I'd love to get you more details if you're interested. I'm hoping to be down 15 lbs with round two and should end around Christmas! 
6. I confess that we've had lots of showings of our house but no offers yet. We dropped the price a bit earlier this week and are still in the waiting game. We have another month before we lose the contract on the house by my parents but trusting that it that doesn't work out, there is something better for us. Knowing the Lord has perfect timing.

I hope you're having a blessed week! Happy Friday loves!


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