Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend. We had THREE showings and they all went so great. So we spent Saturday at my parents' house. My dad grilled us some lunch and then my mom and I decorated the Christmas tree (with a little help from Hudson). I'm still not sure if we will be putting up a tree this year with our potential to be moving so we had fun doing theirs. Then Saturday night we hung out, had Bryan's family over (yay for our twinnies being here!).

Huddy and Grammy!
Sunday we went to church and then I spent the afternoon at Jordan's baby shower. She was so blessed to have so many people come and love on her and baby Hank. We missed Janet greatly but felt so so loved at the same time. I was glad to be right alongside Jordan to celebrate. Even though God didn't give me a sister biologically, He gave me the very best sister-in-law who is also one of my very best friends. (Side note, did y'all know that Jordan and I were only one grade apart in school? We were friends before Bryan and I dated in junior high!)

Stay tuned, my big week of giveaways starts on FRIDAY and I've got LOTS of good stuff that y'all will be able to win!

Happy Monday!


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