A HOUSE update!

HEY!!! I've missed actually "writing" this week so I am back with a little bitty update.

Makes me a VERY happy camper!
We got a contract on our house last Saturday so we've been able to move forward with all that comes with moving and buying a new house!!!! We won't be moving until Mid-January so it gives us a little time to get everything together and still be able to enjoy the holidays!
Right after we signed the contract! YAY!
It's been mass chaos this week. My dad and Bryan have spent all morning taking stuff from our garage to a storage building so we are ready for the inspector to come on Monday but more than anything I am just SO excited for our inspection at our new house on Monday also! We've had the contract since Oct. 3 and I feel like it's been forever since we've been in the house. I just want to go and look around again since I know now we are going to get to move there.
This will be our new home in a little over a month!
The Lord, of course, orchestrated everything perfectly. We had an offer that fell through the day before this offer, and I was SO upset.... but within a matter of a few hours we got this offer and it's a better one than the first one. We had less than a week to get a contract on our house before we lost the contract on the other house so it really just worked out perfectly.

That's the big news I've been waiting to share. I'll be back with more of normal (boring) life soon. :)

Hope you're having a blessed Saturday!


  1. Congrats!!! So happy for you. Read your blog often. I just never post!!! Your new place looks awesome!!!
    Praying for you and your family as you near the one year day for sweet Janet!


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