Black Friday Giveaway- Day Eight- Nerium!

Today is a fun opportunity from my friend Ashly with Nerium.

Nerium is a product that delivers! The results we are seeing with this product will blow you away! As someone in my 20's I really didn't think I would actually see a result so when I saw my skin after 7 days of using the product I was amazed. My pores were smaller and my face was smoother! Then to see my Mom's results after 10 days, woa! Talk about some major changes! Her neck a year later looks completely different! Add to that the fact that it's only ONE product at night and ONE product in the morning?! Man, that's a skin care regimen I can handle!

NeriumAD has been on the market for a little over 3 years and people everywhere are loving it! One of the things they love the most is that absolutely anyone has the opportunity to get it for FREE!! You don't even have to sale it or pay for a membership or anything! Just become a monthly customer and refer 3 friends! BAM! Free product!!
Wouldn't think it could at much better but WAIT! This is a week of giveaways right?!?! Vey special just for this group, I am offering a $15 target giftcard for everyone that signs up as a preferred customer! So what's a preferred customer and how much does it cost? A preferred customer receives the product on a monthly basis at our lowest cost! For the night cream only it is $80 and for the night and day it's only $120! Such an awesome price! Then you are going to get a $15 giftcard back! Also, if you refer 3 friends, then every month following you will get your product for free (as long as you have 3 people ordering that you referred)! Such a major major deal!

But the giving continues!! For everyone that becomes a customer thru this blog you will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of Nerium Firm! Nerium Firm is a body contouring cream that reduces the appearance of CELLULITE! Can I get an amen?!

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