Hank is Here!

Hi All! Just a quick update this morning to let you know that my nephew, Hank, made his debut yesterday morning. Jordan had to go in for an Emergency C-Section because Hank had a rapid heart rate.

C-Section went fine and Jordan is doing great other than the normal soreness and pain associated with belly surgery. Jordan and David got to spend an hour with Hank in the NICU last night and got some super sweet pictures that I will let Jordan share on her blog when she is ready. The rest of us only got to peek at him through the windows of the nursery right after he was born! He looks like his daddy and has LONG legs!!

But anyways I am writing this update to ask for prayers for Hank. His heart rate didn't slow while here in the NICU so they flew him on the helicopter to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock last night. David followed him by car and is with him but Jordan can't travel until tomorrow at the earliest.

As you can imagine, this is a very tough time for Jordan as she just wants to be with her baby and husband! But as of the time I am writing this (9:00 am on Tuesday, Dec 30) last night Hank reverted (BY HIMSELF) back to a normal heart beat! YAY! They're going to keep him for several days for monitoring at this point and I am so glad his daddy gets to be right by his side.

Please be praying for Jordan, David and Hank (and the rest of our family) this week. We'd love to have him home as soon as possible!

Our God is Good and we know that this was His plan from the beginning! We covet your prayers!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thank you for sharing, prayers for Hank and his wonderful Mommy and Daddy.....ya'll have a wonderful NewYear.....
    Blessings in abundance.....

  2. awww.....thanks for sharing and letting us know his arrival. Poor Jordan....doesn't have her husband there or her new baby boy. I can't imagine. Bless her heart. I hope she has a quick recovery and that baby boy is in her arms at home very soon. Please let her know we are thinking of her. I'll say a prayer for them.


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