Shuffleboard Date Night!

So we have been using the last few semi-warm weekends to get finished with the last few house projects before we close. So yesterday we blew more insulation into the attic and went refrigerator/microwave shopping for the new house. It was fun.... kind of.
my love. hahahaha.
Thankfully my dad rocks and came to help us. He fed the insulation machine, Bryan ninja-d it back to the far depths of the attic and I stood at the top of the attic as the liaison between them. I definitely got the best job and looked the least goofy when it was all said and done. My grandma got here on Friday (she stays with my parents in the winter) and came to help with the boys while this fun was going down. She's going to be here until March so she'll be able to help me a TON with moving and packing and mainly with the watching of the hooligans. She and Rhett kind of adore each other and I am so thankful for her.

This boy LOVES his daddy.
Bryan has been trying to convince me that we need a shuffleboard table at our new house in the bonus room. I'm cool with it and all, but I had never played shuffleboard so last night he took me out on a date to play shuffleboard! It was different than the fancy dinner kind of date night we usually go on. I wore boyfriend flannel since I was going out with my forever "boyfriend" and since we were going to a super casual place. It just felt appropriate.

My parents and grandma came to stay with the boys. We are so spoiled that we have yet to hire a real babysitter (in 4.5 years) and that we have so much family close to help us. One day I know we are going to need to hire a babysitter, especially after a fun night out it makes me realize we need to do it more often.
We played two games of shuffleboard (I wasn't very good) and it was super fun. We've decided that maybe instead of a shuffleboard table we'll get a Hot Tub for our back yard... we will see. Then we ate Sushi next door to the Shuffleboard place at Wasabi. Our first date was sushi (my first time to eat sushi) on Dickson St. in Fayetteville, so it seemed appropriate for our "Christmas" date last night too to have Sushi on Dickson St. I've come a long way in my love for sushi and my chopstick technique in the last 8 years.

I am so thankful that after 15 years of friendship, 8 years of being together and 6 years of marriage (in two weeks!!!) there is no one on the planet I would rather spend time with. Bryan knows me through and through and makes me laugh like a giggly pre-teen still. I enjoy raising our family together and how much our kids adore their daddy. I love how hard that he works to provide for us. But mostly I love how well he loves me (ie Sunday is my nap day and he always takes over kid duties on Sunday afternoon so I can sneak in a nap and he always makes sure to appreciate all of the hard work I do staying home with the boys).

That's our weekend in review. Hope you've had a great weekend! Looking forward to the week ahead! :) Happy Sunday!


  1. Sunday is my nap day too! It's so nice to look forward to that down time knowing my hubby will take over with the kids. It gives me a good start for the week as I'm sure it does for you too! Good luck with your upcoming move ; )


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