Auntie Joy

Just a quick update from my post last week to let you know that Hank is home! They got home yesterday evening. Hank is doing well!

Now that we have established that... my Auntie heart is so happy that we got to go over and snuggle him for a few minutes last night. It's so crazy how you forget all the sweet newborn things, and it hasn't even been that long since I had a newborn!

My boys were enamored. Rhett was mostly jealous when his mommy and daddy held the baby but Hudson LOVED Hank and wanted to hold him the whole time we were there.

I've said from the beginning that when Hank got here it would help us decide if we wanted another baby. And while I can't say that we DON'T want another baby, I can say that we will definitely not be having another baby in the near future. The 30 minutes of us corralling our boys and trying to keep Rhett from hitting and attacking the baby was enough to convince both Bryan and I.

Thanks for the prayers! They're getting used to their new normal getting settled at home!

Happy New Years and Happy Friday!


  1. awww....yayyyy!!! Thanks for letting us know he's home. They were on my mind yesterday. Hope they are doing well. I know it's hard but they'll get it. :)'


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