Changed Plans and Swollen Glands- Weekend In Review

Let's start with my weigh-in on Thursday. I was down another 1.8 lbs! that makes 4.2 in two weeks, that also makes me VERY happy. I lost my co-leader this week to a night class, so I am now leading the meetings all by myself. It should be interesting, but I really do enjoy it.

Friday my boys got haircuts, first one for Rhett, and we ran some errands.

Friday night we ate Mexican with my parents for dinner. Hudson woke up from his nap covered in small red bumps so I had Dr. Grammy look him over. Her diagnosis: Potential light case of the Chicken Pox (since he had been vaccinated, and yes they can still get them). Joy. So poor Hudson has to be kept at home away from all other people until he's better. Thankfully he isn't really feeling too bad, no fever or horrible itching, so I guess it could be much worse.

Saturday I went on my long run with the group of girls I am training for the half with. We were only supposed to run 5 miles but the route we took ended up almost being 6. I almost died. Not really, but it was killer.

Then, of course, I came home and drank my Shakeology. And Rhett shared some too.

Saturday afternoon we had a roundtable meeting with the people's whose house we are trying to buy and our realtor and their realtor so we could discuss details. We are hoping to have some firm information this week. We actually got to go back in the house yesterday, it's completely empty and beautiful. We both still want it as badly as we did in October when we first put a contract on it. It's just been a suuuuuuper long process. I left there bummed because we were supposed to be moving yesterday, and we weren't. Bryan left there more sure than ever that that's where he wants to live, so that was definitely a positive.

We painted a wall yesterday and just hung out. My grandma has been staying with us this weekend so we got some of our handy man jobs out of the way while she was here to play with the boys. Then yesterday I started to feel kind of crummy. Last night Hudson broke out in MORE spots and I noticed that his lymph nodes on his neck are huge. This morning my lymph nodes are swollen now too. I'm starting to see some beauty in us not moving yesterday, because I am really not feeling too hot.

That's my update for now. Still living out of boxes until we have a firm yay or nay on if we are ever going to get to move. God sure is teaching us patience right now. If you need me today, I'll be camped out on the couch watching old Friends episodes on Netflix.

Happy Monday.


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