Choosing Joy All Over Again

I knew yesterday would bring either really good news, or really bad news.

...Unfortunately it was the latter.

I met my friend Katy for our half marathon training and then we took our kids to Chic-fil-a. As I was about to order at Chic-fil-a our Realtor called with the news. The whole deal appeared to be falling through. The people buying our house lost the people that were buying their house due to some issues with the mortgage company. Again, something I had no control over... and something that totally sucks and impacts four different families.
Katy posted this of all the boys at Chic-fil-a, and hers were so worn out that they conked out in the car!
I'm actually glad I was out with Katy and not at home by myself because I think it gave me a good reality check. I digested that news with her and she insisted on buying me ice cream- because that's what friends do- and felt okay about the whole situation as I was driving home.

My mom stopped by just to give me a hug and tell me she was sorry a little bit after we got home- because that's what mom's do.

After 17 more phone calls between our realtor, Bryan and my dad we've decided to extend our contracts a few more weeks to see if those people can get their financing in order. If that doesn't happen we are done. D-O-N-E.

We really do love our house and are completely okay to stay here if that's what ends up happening.

So today, while we should have been closing on our new house, I'll be unpacking boxes to make my house livable again. I'm not going to unpack everything until we have a good sense of what the next few weeks will look like.

I know this is God's plan. And while I said yesterday that I don't like my plans being changed, this really could open up some other opportunities for us. I haven't been emotional about this, I think honestly yesterday I was just too drained.

And what it comes down to is that my husband and my babies are healthy and warm and loved. We have a perfectly good roof over our heads in a great part of town. I'm going to continue to choose joy in this situation instead of devastation... I know He has a plan that I can only see a tiny snippet of.

Happiest of Wednesdays to you.


  1. Oh girl! I am so so sorry! I'm praying for Gods direction over the next couple of weeks.

  2. So my friends family had a contract on a house and they could not sell their own house and it fell through. A month later she found out that the house they were going to buy basically had the septic tank fail so badly that sewage backed up all the way to the first floor... Blessings in disguise! But mortgages are tricky now. Just a suggestion. Sometimes you can help with arranging things. If you have a good mortgage company offer a referral and call your contact person to see if they can help. Everyone likes business and it can not hurt.


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