Friday Randoms

It's Friday! Yay!

The end of the week hasn't consisted of much. Yesterday I worked in the morning. I love that I can work in my little home office while the boys play right next to me. I had some BeachBody stuff to catch up on and then we went and met our friends to run. It was SO chilly.

Last night I had Weight Watchers. It's my one time a week to get dressed like a real adult and go out into the world. I enjoy it. I was up 0.8 lbs. but with all that I have been going through, and me and the boys being sick, I am proud of myself for not stress eating more, this week will be better!

I took this little montage the other day to show that you don't need an elaborate home gym to work out. I work out amongst boxes with little ones right at my feet. It's what works for me. I am loving combining 21 Day Fix workouts with my half marathon training. It's a good combo.
Wednesday it was 65 degrees and I ran my three miles in the sunshine. It was absolutely wonderful and I left with pink cheeks and pink shoulders. Now I am lusting after spring.

And lastly, because I am so excited about this program I have been working on with my team. I've gone through and figured out Weight Watchers points for one of our most popular programs to make it do-able for WW lovers like myself. I am starting a fresh round on Monday and would love to have some of you join our group. 21 Day Fix is still on sale through the end of the month and the next three people that order a Challenge Pack through me will get a super fun GIFT after ordering.

So something else I realized yesterday is that my team has put out all of the things you need for this plan to be successful! We have a meal plan, grocery list and recipe guide for all three weeks. I've figured out the Weight Watchers points for each day and it coincides almost exactly. I am going grocery shopping this weekend to start Monday (Right after the super bowl, great time, right?). I've got a deal going with my husband that I will stick to it and lose a good amount of weight, so I am very motivated this time. If you buy 21 day fix through me you get all of these tools and I will include the WW points for each meal! Win-win, right??

So email me ( if you want one of the spots for the special gift! Or if you just want more info! It's just on sale today and tomorrow if you want to get the sale price!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Why so complicated?
    Eat less move more.Simple.

  2. You're so right. Some people just need help with learning how.

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    Thanks so much!


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