On Wednesdays we wear Pink...

I don't really feel like I have anything to say today. I am getting over a yucky cold that had me down and out yesterday and Monday. I'm back to feeling 90% and pretty happy about that.

Grandma Jeda with her boys

My grandma was here to help on Monday and yesterday Bryan stayed home from work. Hudson is still getting over the Chicken Pox, and has to miss his PJ day at school today, which I hate, but I don't want to be the mom that exposes the whole preschool to the Chicken Pox... so we are staying put at home. Rhett is fine, but I am keeping him home by association.
Hubby to the rescue! He came home Monday ready to take over and armed with Pizza

Sweet snuggly boys

Not a whole lot of news on the house front. Still waiting and hoping for good news but also exploring some other options in case everything falls through.

I started watching "Parenthood" yesterday and watched like the first 5 episodes and am hooked. Why did I not start watching sooner? Also, Bryan and I watched Wayne's World last night... because we are 14 years old, but amazingly, I had never seen it before- ha!

I had an amazing team chat with several of my BeachBody girls last night, and we are finding a way to collaborate with some of our programs and Weight Watchers, I am so excited. I've also opened up two spots on my team for coaches that I will walk hand-in-hand with to start on their way to getting in the best shape of their lives and making an amazing second income from home. If you think you might be a good fit email me ( and I can send you some more info!

That's it for today. I'm about to go put on my Pink "Wednesday" tank and bust out an upper body workout and a 2 mile run.

Many blessings on your Wednesday!


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