Week/Weekend in Review

So I have totally been MIA this last week and I don't really have a great reason except we've been sickly.

Tuesday I started half-marathon training with my friend Katy. We ran three miles and I pushed the double stroller the whole time. It was a good first run! With my knee, I am not 100% committing because of my bad knee, I am taking it one run at a time! I'm running 3x a week with cross training (PiYo and 21 Day Fix) 5 days a week right now.
On Wednesday I picked the boys up from school to find out that they were both running low grade temps. So we went straight to the walk-in clinic to be flu tested. Both boys were negative for flu, but she treated Hudson with an antibiotic for RSV... which leads to Thursday-Sunday when my whole family was sick and I was on an every 4 hour medication schedule with every body on different meds. Good thing I'm a nurse.
Saturday Bryan and I got sick. So we sound like a great chorus of hacking and coughing... It's awesome. We spent a lot of time on the couches this weekend when we should be packing to move in two weeks... eh, it is what it is. We bought season one of Fixer Upper and fell in absolute love with it!! AH!

And lastly, I am doing a PiYo FLASH sale ($20 off) AND offering 21 day fix completely for free (out of my own pocket) with the purchase of a challenge pack this week. I also have two more Shakeology sampler packs left. You can email me or leave me your email here for details on any or all of this!
More to come this week, promise! Happy Monday!


  1. I bought You're Already Amazing last week and I'm loving it. I'm so glad you posted about it. I hope you all are feeling better.

  2. uuggghh....we've been sickly too. What is it?! Seems like everyone is sick. Thankfully it wasn't the flu with us or ya'll. Here's to a new week. Glad ya'll are feeling better.

  3. I am interested in a sampler pack and more info PiYo flash sale.


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