Our "new" backyard complete with tree fort
Yesterday I drove by our new house and saw that they had been moving out. It looked empty and I got SOOOO excited. Closing and moving are getting so close.

And then this morning I got some not so great news that our closing is delayed due to the people buying our house being unable to close on their house... it's such a domino effect.

I opened Instagram and a girl I follow had posted this and it's so perfect.

I can't worry about tomorrow. I am such a planner and I like to know things. I don't do well when my plans get messed up.... and I have ZERO control over this situation and everything is up in the air right now.

So today, I am focusing on all the extra time this gives me to get stuff done and knowing that this is the Lord's plan for us, regardless of what I think the plan should be. I have a hard time not having control... but here I am.

Happiest of Tuesdays! I am meeting one of my best girl friends for a run and lunch in a little bit and it will feel good to get my mind off of it, "run it out" and "vent it out" too!

Hope to have more of an update tomorrow!


  1. A day or a few days is chump change when you think of the years and years you'll spend making memories in your new home. Just view it as a little extra time God is giving you to soak up the time in your current home. It will never be yours again.

  2. Happened to us this summer during our move and we ended up having to pay for a week in a hotel with our 4 yr old and 93lb the time I was a hot mess over it and now it's something we laugh about ; ) keep roiling with the punches, you will be in there before you know it!


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