My Half Marathon Training Schedule

This is a different kind of post to answer a question I've been getting a lot. How am I training for the half? What am I eating? How am I combining it with 21 Day Fix? What "gear" or apps do I use?

So here we go!

I'm roughly following a schedule from Women's Running Mag. We are on week 7. Our Race is at the end of March and we've got an 8k next week we are running as our halfway point.
I run on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Saturday. Tuesdays and Thursdays I run with the jogging stroller with both boys for the medium distance, not for time. Mondays I run a short distance (2 miles) for time. Saturdays I run long distance with no stroller, just to finish... ha!

Now I am also combining a day of cardio cross training, any other the cardio 21 Day Fix w/os (usually on Fridays), Upper Body workout (Tuesdays), and a day of Pilates (Thursdays) and Yoga (Wednesday or Sunday).

I also give myself at least one off day a week.

Also, I'm running with a friend. That makes ALL of the difference. I don't dread going because we make it fun!

It's been working for me. I feel new muscles I have never felt before in my arms and legs. My abs are trimmer. My pants are fitting sans muffin top. My arms are defined, and my thigh muscles are killer. All that to say, I haven't lost much weight. The scale isn't really moving... but I have reigned in my diet since Monday and am hoping that by my weigh-in on Saturday I'll see some progress BUT I am not relying on the scale to tell me my worth.

I am feeling good and my body feels good. I'm sure I am gaining muscle. That's what it's about. I love what I am seeing in the mirror- a slimmer body with less rolls... so I will keep doing what I am doing!

As far as "gear" and apps... I have a jawbone UP24 that I use to track my steps and sleep that I wear 24/7. For food I use the Weight Watchers App (If anyone is interested in joining WW I have a code for a free two months if you lose 10 lbs that I would love to share!). For running I use the "map my run" app and it syncs to my UP24. I wear my Polar Ft4  to track my heart rate while I work out. I love it. My fav running clothes are my new Athleta pants, and long work out tanks from Gap. I bought a couple of work out jackets from Wal-mart. I posted the other day but if you're thinking about picking up running, I STRONGLY suggest getting fitted for new shoes. My new running shoes corrected my pronating and heel striking problem and have cured my shin splints and knee pain!

If anyone else has any tips for running half-marathons. Let me know! I ran one in college but I didn't train like I was supposed to and ended up getting hurt a few weeks later. I am trying to do all of the right things this time!!

Hope you're having a blessed Thursday!!


  1. Hi Tina! Great job! I'm in the process of starting WW. My goal is to shed 15 pounds.

  2. I would love the code for a free month. I came so close to signing up yesterday! My email is

  3. I ran my first half this past October. My goal was to not walk and finish in two and a half hours. My time was 2:24:42. I would highly recommend running with a pace group if they have them at your marathon. I don't think I would have finished as strongly as I did without my pacer- she was amazing! I stayed with her group until around mile 10 and then felt like I could kick it up and finished under my goal. It truly was one of the most amazing experiences. As soon as I invest in a new pair of shoes I am going to start training for a full. Best of luck to you! I would also like the WW code as I have been tossing the idea around for awhile. I just finished The Whole 30 and think WW would be a good way to follow up and continue towards my weight loss goals.

  4. Thanks for the tips Jenna! I'm signed up for my first 5k in April! My biggest problem right now is pace. I'd love the WW code, it's worked for me in the past--great program!!


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