Rhett's fun 2nd Birthday- Part two.

We had a fabulous time celebrating Rhett's 2nd Birthday on Friday night. I've chosen to just do family parties right now for my boys- we had a big friend/family party for Hudson's 3rd Birthday and it about killed me... and honestly at this stage my boys are just as happy with having their family here so that's what we are doing probably until they start school.

Also, I've gotten away with recycling party ideas because both of my boys have wanted the same type of party for the last two years. Hudson had two Ironman parties and Rhett LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still, so we went with that theme again.

My friend Robin made these cookies for Rhett's party. They were perfect. If you're local to NWA you need to check out her IG.

The rest of the blog post is going to be a bunch of pictures. I was feeling pretty crummy all day and come to find out later in the weekend I had some version of the flu/strep throat and that was only the beginning, so I was even more glad we just did a family party (and that I didn't hold and kiss on Hank).

I feel like they look like twins here! (minus hair and eye color)

Feeding Grammy
We had a fabulous day celebrating our sweet boy! And then Bryan and I spent the rest of the weekend SICK.AS.DOGS.

Happy Wednesday loves. Back with a normal post tomorrow!


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