Sunny Week/Sick/Snowy Weekend in Review

Well it's been a few days since I've blogged. I've been a busy beaver, and then a sick one... so here are a boat load of pictures to show what we've been up to!

Wednesday while the boys were at school I went and did some retail therapy. It was AWESOME. I found a new-to-me boutique at the Promenade (Pink Tomato!) and got a lot of goodies!! I can't wait to go back. Most of the stuff is spring-y, probably because it was like 70 degrees that day and I was in the spring-spirit.
Thursday Hudson started running a low grade fever again and was complaining about his throat hurting. I swear, this winter has been KILLER for us being sick. So we hung out at home all day
Thursday is my running day so I had to wait and run my 4 miles after my WW meeting. It was actually kind of fun to run at night!
When I got back from that Bryan ran to the store and Hudson woke up crying. I brought him into the living room and he fell asleep on me like a baby. That is rare and I kind of enjoyed it.
On Friday this picture showed up on my time hop and I threw this together for face-to-face Friday. It's encouraging to see this progress!
We ran over to my parents house and drove by the new house which we are set to close on on March 6th, fingers crossed. We are getting really tired of living out of boxes and I am just ready to feel settled. It's just over two weeks away so I've got to start thinking about getting my booty in gear with packing again.
Friday night I went to a girl's night with my friends to paint frames. Rhett has been SUPER clingy to me all weekend, I don't know if he isn't feeling good or what, but he wasn't a big fan of me leaving!

 Katy and Rebecca finishing Katy's frame. It turned out SO cute.
 My frame turned out cute too, not sure where I am going to put it though!
My 21 Day Fix Extreme showed up on Friday and I started it yesterday. Holy moly, those workouts are KILLER but exactly what I was wanting to add to my running!

Saturday morning I got up early and met my running group for our 8 mile run! It was our best time yet for our long run! I started using the E&E formula from BeachBody for my runs and I can feel a HUGE difference! So glad I got it!
Then we went over to my parents house to enjoy the beautiful 70 degree weather and use the new fire pit for the first time. My parents just did a major overhaul on their back yard and added a new dock. It is so amazing and I am ready to be neighbors so we can be over there 24/7 this summer!
Saturday night our babysitter came over to watch the boys so we could go out to dinner for Valentines day. Bryan was starting to feel sick before we left and we ended up only being gone an hour and a half and then we were ready to be back home in our PJs. I started feeling sick to my stomach shortly after we got home and then we dealt the the stomach bug the rest of the weekend.
Hudson picked out Rapunzel for me for Valentines Day while he was out with his G-Pa. When I kissed him goodnight he told me that he had left Rapunzel on my bed for me to sleep with. I took a picture of her just like he had left her so I would always remember my sweet 4 year old on this Valentines day.
Sunday we woke up SICK. Hudson had some cold or something, Rhett, Bryan and I ALL had the tummy bug. We spent the whole day on the couch... except while the boys napped I got in bed and slept for almost 3 hours. Whoa.
Yesterday I felt good enough to do my 21DFX Day 1 Workout, but Bryan was still under the weather a bit.
Oh and Sunday night it snowed a boat load. So we got out and played in the snow for about 0.6 seconds before everyone was crying that they were cold. So then we came in and snuggled on the couch and drank hot chocolate.
We woke up all feeling much better this morning but still very much snowed in. Bryan made it to work but we won't be going anywhere today. Lots of laundry to fold and meal prepping to do for the week... oh and a Birthday Party to plan- My baby boy turns TWO on Friday!!!

Happy {snowy} Tuesday!


  1. I didn't even recognize your parents backyard. It looks awesome! I know you'll be spending lots of time out there in your "neighbors" yard.

  2. We have five inches of snow. My WW meeting was cancelled- which means I will not get my lifetime status until next week. Yesterday was SUPER hard because we were snowed in and all I wanted to do was bake and eat. I think I need to put a lock on my refrigerator and pantry! It would TOTALLY STINK to gain weight this week and not reach lifetime next week. UGH! Glad to see you are better!!!!! Enjoy every minute of those boys- even in sickness and snuggles. XOXO


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