Weekend In Review Part 2

Ok so I started with Part 1 yesterday and I will finish with part 2 today...

We got up and went to church yesterday. It was SUCH a beautiful day in NWA! Then came home and ate lunch. Have y'all heard of these OLE tortillas?? The Xtreme Wellness High Fiber, Low Carb ones are only 1 WW PP and we love them! So I made the Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Quesadillas for lunch. Bryan said over and over again that there is no way it can be healthy because it tastes SO good. I am telling y'all, we are LOVING what we get to eat on the 21 Day Fix diet!
Right now with our February deals with the purchase of 21 day fix (which has been amazing for my weight loss-- down 2.4 lbs in the first four days, Bryan was down 1 lb without doing any of the workouts) you can be added to our challenge group where you'll find three weeks of shopping guides and recipes (like the yummy quesadilla one above). You'll also have your shot at a giant money pot in our challenge group! We take the guess work out of it and it has been SO easy for me to follow. We've also made the program WEIGHT WATCHERS friendly. I've got all the points calculated for all the meals AND you get an amazing workout plan. Leave me your email for details or email me for details. The first three people who purchase a challenge pack this week get a special gift from me!!!
Then I took a little nap and played with the boys in the yard. At 4 I went and met my friend Katy for our long run... 7 miles and it was killer!!!! I love running, but more than that I love getting to talk life with my friend. It's refreshing!

When I got home, Bryan was pulling the turkey and chicken that he had been smoking off of his smoker. It is SO good. He made enough for all of our meals this week. Makes my life easy and he loves it-- win-win! After the 7 miles and burning almost 1200 calories, my body was wanting some protein!
I took a bath after dinner and got in bed at 8:30! I was so tired from the long weekend!
Lastly, does anyone else have a Jawbone Up24?? I want more friends on there! If you've got one, add me--Jenna Buettemeyer!!!

Hope you're all having a great Monday! 


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