Weight loss, Get Real and Weekend in Review part 1

We have had a great last few days! I've been super busy, which is out of the norm for me but I've been really enjoying it!

Thursday was BeachBody pay day. I worked really hard last week and made my highest check to date! So I decided to take the day and spend it with my babies. I put my phone and computer on lock down until nap time. We baked cookies and played super heroes.

Thursday afternoon I got to BetaTest the new Beach Body on Demand. I've been waiting all week to try it because I wanted to try the new 21 Day Fix Extreme. I finally got the email like 5 minutes after the boys laid down to nap, so I threw on my work out clothes and busted out one of the new work outs. I LOOOOOVED it. So then I ordered the rest of the program. It will be here this week and I cannot wait!
Thursday night I had my Weight Watchers meeting. I was down 2.4 lbs, totaling 6 lbs total since Jan 7. So Friday I did my month one photos and measurements and was so very proud of my progress.
I've been running 3x a week, combining WW with the 21 Day Fix diet and doing the 21 Day Fix workouts. It seems to be working, I can't wait to see where I am another month from now! I am loving the 21 day fix diet. It is so easy to follow and so yummy. I just bought our groceries for week two and will start the prep tomorrow!

Then I dropped my boys off at my parent's house and met Katy to run 4 miles. Our times are still slow but getting faster! I went back and got Rhett and my grandma after the run and left Hudson for his weekend with Pa. They made a list of all of the things they were going to do... it included eating at Shogun, going to fast lanes, playing legos, going on a boat ride... and a lot more. I think they accomplished almost everything on their list.
 I did a Jamberry manicure and LOVED how they turned out. This is an elephant print grey.
Then on Friday night my mom, Grandma and I attended a Mom's Conference "Get Real" at a local hotel. We stayed over night and it was so good to be refreshed and filled with The Lord and other good things to make me a better mom and wife. I also loved the time with my mom and grandma and a lot of my friends that attended.

I was happy to get home on Saturday and see my boys though. We just chilled Saturday afternoon and then headed over to our friend's house for their baby's first birthday!
Happy Birthday Kingston! His mom, my friend Katy, decorated and did a Lumberjack theme. It was so precious!
That's where I will end part one... part two coming soon. :) Hope you've had a super weekend!


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