I'm bringing back my weekly weigh in posts! I've been sick all week and hadn't worked out until yesterday, but I am very happy that I was still down two lbs!

I saw this on IG this week and I needed it. I've had such a great month with BeachBody after several slow months but I kept believing and kept pushing... I am so glad that I believed in myself because I've gotten myself back on track and have lost weight AND have grown my BB team and have seen my biggest checks yet! So exciting!
I love this comparison. This first picture made me cry when I first saw it, because I couldn't believe that I looked that way.... but I am glad that I have that picture now to compare with me 26 lbs gone!
Yesterday I sat down to look at finances I realized something HUGE. 2015 is going to be a big year for our family. Next week (Lord willing) we will be buying and moving into our dream forever home. We will also officially be debt free (other than our mortgage) this year. Paying off Bryan's student loans will be HUGE for us and such a burden lifted. Another goal of ours is to pay cash for a bigger family vehicle later this year. We love having two completely paid for cars but neither car is a great "family" car and we want to get something a little bigger. While my husband's job more than provides for us, the extra income I've been able to add has been huge and is growing by the week. I'd love to share this opportunity if anyone is interested!
So lastly, I had my Weight Watchers meeting last night. I feel like my group has really gotten comfortable with each other and I love going every week and chatting with everyone-- we're like a big happy family! Since Mid-January, I am down 8 lbs. The program is working again because I've set my mind on making it work!!!
Hope y'all are all having a happy Friday. We are supposed to get more rain and snow this weekend so I'll have to bust out my 10 mile run early tomorrow. I also should have firm house news later today- so stay tuned!!!


  1. You look great!!! I know it's hard but keep up the good work. :))

  2. Where did you get the Mickey ears and his shirt? I'm doing the Mickey/Minnie theme for my daughter's birthday this year.

  3. Thinking of you this week! Hope the move is successful!

  4. His shirt is from Target. I actually had the ears left over from last year and they were from Walmart. I went to buy more and they didn't have anymore but I think they did have Minnie!


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