Exciting BeachBody Stuff and a 21 Day Fix GIVEAWAY

I will put a disclaimer here that if you don't like reading my BeachBody stuff-- skip this post and come back tomorrow... but I will say that reading will be worth your while because I am giving something AWESOME away!!!

My team and I are opening a new 24 Day Challenge-- Starting with 3 Day Refresh and following it with 21 Day Fix--- starting the Monday after Easter. It will end shortly before May and is a great way to lose some inches and lbs before putting on a swimsuit this summer. I am SO pumped about this!!! If you're already a "fixer"-- meaning you've purchased before-- I'd love to get you in the group. If you're wanting to be a "fixer" or wanting more info on 21 Day Fix and 3 Day Refresh, I would absolutely love to send you more info! You can comment below with your email or email me for details.
I also wanted to show this graphic to explain a little bit more about BeachBody coaching. I'm looking to walk hand in hand with a few more GIRLBOSSES this month. I'd love to have you join my team of incredible women who are making an amazing income while getting in the best shapes of their lives! It is such a good opportunity that I want to share it with everyone!!!

I am also so excited because I finally chose a team name for my group of BeachBody coaches...
I think it's a perfect fit for me and I'd love to have any of you join us on Team Joyfully Fit!

And finally... I posted a few months ago that I would giveaway a copy of 21 day fix when I hit 1000 followers on IG. I hit it about a month ago and decided to start doing a daily fitness video series-- which I started a few days ago-- and have incorporated it into my giveaway. So, I'm not doing this giveaway through my blog but I wanted to mention it here in case you want to hop over to IG and check it out. Next Tuesday I'll draw a winner from anyone who follows me and tags a friend on ANY of my videos in my videos series for a copy of 21 Day Fix!!! You can check out my Instagram HERE.

Hope you're having a blessed Wednesday! Back for more about real life tomorrow. :)


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