House News and Weekend In Review!

On Friday I got to FINALLY get my hair done. I've been dying to go back blonde since I didn't do it at my last appointment. I love how it turned out. My hair dresser is the best. If you are looking for someone in NWA I'd love to get you hooked up with her!
Saturday morning, bright and early, I got up to run ten miles with Erica and Katy. It was a LONG run but it was fun and we finished!
Katy, Erica, and Me
I got home at 10 and had about 0.6 seconds to shower before we had to leave for our final walk through of our new house. I drank my Shakeology in the car.
The final walk through went really well (below is a sneak peak of my new kitchen)... We are looking into adding a Farm Sink and a Subway tile backsplash too. Then I think it would be my perfect kitchen! We have to go buy a fridge today too.
Then Bryan and I went out to lunch and to look at Home Depot for some stuff. We have to install a baby gate and some other random stuff like that.
 Then the rest of the weekend we just hung out and packed and organized.

So I will end with the biggest news of all-- TODAY we are finally (if everything goes smoothly) closing on our new home. It has been the longest 5 month long process ever and we are just ready to be done and settled. I think it's taught us a lot about patience and trusting in the Lord and His timing. Obviously (like we've seen now twice) things can fall through at the last minute, and if that happens again I am not sure what our plan is but I am trusting and hoping everything goes smoothly today! We will be slowly moving things all week, but planning on moving the big stuff on Saturday so my posts may be few and far between for a few days. Hope you're all having a great week! Oh and if you read yesterday's posts I decided to keep my necklace and earrings from Rocksbox and the green short sleeved shirt from StitchFix! For my next box I asked for more spring-y stuff... and I scheduled it to come next week!

Stay tuned. Happy Tuesday.


  1. I am doing a bullet post of comments:
    1. Does you hair always look that great after a long run? If so, I need your secret!!! So lovely!!
    2. I love your new kitchen!!!!
    3. The pic of Rhett and the dog.... makes my heart melt! We have two labs. I love them so!
    4. If we lived closer, I would totally make you a "happy new house" meal!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Tina I LOVE your comments. They always make me smile. I will answer in bullet points...
    1. NO! I didn't have very much time so I just washed the front and blew it back out--it worked well because I had just had it blown out at my appt the night before.
    2. THANK YOU!
    3. We love our two labs too! They're SO good with kids!!
    4. I would love that!! I wish we lived closer for LOTS of reasons! :)



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